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For details on Private License to Carry classes or taking the Proficiency Qualifications for Online Classes, Email: [email protected]

Why Obtain a Texas LTC

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Austin, TX 78759

License to Carry (LTC) Class Information

Scheduled Class Times: The LTC class starts at 8:30 am and end between 3:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. including range time.
Where: Classes meet at your home or office.  The range portion is usually held at the  Eagle Peak Shooting Range   We work to arrange our schedule to meet you or your group’s needs.  We can do weekdays after work or during the day. These classes can be provided in the comfort of your own home/office with one-to-one instruction, the information is provided at your pace.
Cost: $225.00 for 1-2 people, $300.00 for 3 or $85.00 per person for 4 or more. Sign up


Online Course: Sign up at   After completion of the course, contact Mr. Agnell to schedule your proficiency portion of the course.


The online course is $50.00. The Proficiency portion is usually held at Red’s Indoor Range in Pflugerville.  The cost is $50 plus the range fee, which is usually $15.00

First Steps Pistol Course

The First Steps course is for beginners and typically takes about 3-4 hours including range time.   The course portion starts in your home or office.  The class includes:

  • Pistol safety, parts and operation
  • Ammunition and the fundamentals of pistol shooting
  • How to properly aim and fire a pistol
  • Practice at the range

The cost for the class is $175 for one person.  If I provide the firearms, other than a .22, it is an extra $40 to pay for the ammunition.

NRA Pistol Instructor Classes

Classes scheduled on request.  If you have any questions, please contact Bill Agnell.

Because Gun owners need to know the LAW!

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NRA Pistol Instructor Class

Prior to becoming a LTC Instructor DPS requires you must be either:

1. Certified as an NRA pistol instructor
2. Certified by TCLOSE as a pistol instructor
3. Certified by the Private Securities Board as a pistol instructor
4. Certified as a pistol instructor under some other nationally recognized program of instruction.

First Steps Pistol Course

$175 This course is designed for students who have either never fired a pistol or want an overview prior to taking a LTC class If you do not have a handgun, you can rent a handgun and 50 rounds of ammunition for $40.00. 1-2 Participants

Private Classes

This fee is for 1 to 2 students. For 3 students, the fee is $300 and for 4 or more it is $75.00 per person. The class can be provided in the comfort of your own home/office, provided at your pace. If you and your friends or coworkers would like to put together a class at your home or office, we can arrange our schedule to meet your group’s needs.  We can do weekdays after work or during the day.

Interested in purchasing a Gift Certificate? Please contact us.

What People Say About Us

    Highly Recommend, Reasonably Priced, Awesome Instructor!

    It’s unlikely anyone else in the Austin area is more capable than Bill Agnell.  He has years of experience with the CHL program, …  His presentation was lively, personalized and mixed with real live examples from years as a CHL/NRA instructor.  Upon completion, you’ll have confidence in knowing CHL law, weapon safety, self-defense and conflict avoidance.

    Paul J.

    “Very professional, courteous, efficient process.”

    “Bill knows what he’s doing and I appreciated his level of professionalism. The course was comprehensive and Bill took the time to explain everything in detail, but we were able to move through all requirements comfortably ahead of schedule. I’m sure the classes are great also, but I opted for an individual private lesson. I would highly recommend the 1-1 experience. We started in the morning and were finished right after lunch. I can’t imagine a better process for licensing.

    Jonathan T.
    Yelp Review

    “Bill is very professional, engaged in his work,”

    “He provides a great class. He’s got a website with all the information. You take the class, do a written exam, then go to the range in Manor and do the firearm test. All 8 of us in my class passed, it seems like almost everyone passes. You can either do the DPS paperwork before or after you take the class. He signs a form and gives it to you to mail in. Bill keeps up to date with all the changes in the law. He’s very good about answering questions.”

    Kallie M.
    Yelp Review